Pearl and Stone Wine Co was born from the art of teaching, the joy of learning, and the love of wine. We are a partnership of three families, deeply rooted in the Snoqualmie Valley, and brought together by three women—all amazing mothers and friends with a commitment to quality elementary education. As we all shared in the joys of raising families in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley, we also shared many a bottle of wine while we laughed, cried, learned and dreamed together.  

One of those dreams became reality in 2013 when we decided to launch Pearl and Stone Wine Co. (over a bottle or two!). Throughout this crazy journey we have experienced the unrivaled generosity of our fellow Washington winemakers and grape growers, and learned many lessons that continue to light our path forward.  


Dreams are dreams, but winemaking is a craft that quickly teaches you to respect Mother Nature, who likes to show us that she’s in charge! However, this is part of what makes wine so special; it is not a recipe that can be repeated over and over, year after year. It is a challenging process that constantly reminds us to make the most of the hand we’re dealt, and to never stop learning. A valuable lesson for all walks of life.


We could not have made these wines without the unbelievable generosity and guidance of the Washington wine industry, and its guiding spirit of collaboration and unity. Our partners in this industry have helped us in ways we could not have imagined, and we hope to have the opportunity to pay it forward as we grow.   


Winemaking is an art that requires patience beyond anything known to mankind.  We get one chance each year to take what Mother Nature gives us and make something unique to that year; something that fits our style and philosophy of well-balanced wines that reflect the place they’re from, and produce them at a fair and affordable price.  


Ultimately, we do this for the pure joy of it.  The joy of taking an agricultural product that reflects that unique place it was grown, and turning it into a delicious product that brings people together to laugh and create memories. 


Stone represents a strong foundation, and a grounding sense of place. Pearl and Stone Wine Co. is firmly grounded and deeply rooted in the Snoqualmie Valley, and committed to the future of this great place.

Pearl represents something of value—there is nothing more valuable than friends and family. Every relationship is like a pearl, polished and enhanced by time spent together creating cherished memories (with a bottle of wine!).